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  • To provide an impetus for motion or other physical change, to move an object by means of the provision of force thereto.
  • To provide an impetus for a non-physical change, especially a change in one's state of mind.
  • To displace either physically or non-physically, through the application of force.
  • To cause intrinsic motivation through the application or demonstration of force: to impel or urge onward thusly, to compel to move on, to coerce, intimidate or threaten.
  • (especially of animals) To impel or urge onward by force; to push forward; to compel to move on.
  • To direct a vehicle powered by a horse, ox or similar animal.
  • To cause animals to flee out of.
  • To move (something) by hitting it with great force.
  • To cause (a mechanism) to operate.
  • To operate (a wheeled motorized vehicle).
  • To motivate; to provide an incentive for.
  • To compel (to do something).
  • To cause to become.
  • To hit the ball with a drive.
  • To travel by operating a wheeled motorized vehicle.
  • To convey (a person, etc) in a wheeled motorized vehicle.
  • To move forcefully.
  • To be moved or propelled forcefully (especially of a ship).
  • To urge, press, or bring to a point or state.
  • To carry or to keep in motion; to conduct; to prosecute.
  • To clear, by forcing away what is contained.
  • To dig horizontally; to cut a horizontal gallery or tunnel.
  • To put together a drive (n.): to string together offensive plays and advance the ball down the field.
  • To distrain for rent.
  • To separate the lighter (feathers or down) from the heavier, by exposing them to a current of air.
  • To be the dominant party in a sex act.

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The length of the word "driven" is 6 letters. Also check more 6 letter words and 6 Letter words starting with d.

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Is driven a Valid Scrabble Word?

Yes, driven is a valid word that can be used in the game Scrabble. It is worth 10 points in Scrabble. Find more words using our Scrabble Word Finder.

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Yes, driven is a Valid word. Find more valid words using our Words With Friends Generator.

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Yes. driven is not a Valid word for Wordle. Try our Wordle Word Finder

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