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  • A stand-alone cabinet designed to stand on the floor; especially, one that houses home entertainment equipment, such as a TV or stereo system.
  • A cabinet that controls, instruments, and displays are mounted upon.
  • An instrument with displays and an input device that is used to monitor and control an electronic system.
  • A storage tray or container mounted between the seats of an automobile.
  • An ornamental member jutting out of a wall to carry a superincumbent weight.


  • To comfort (someone) in a time of grief, disappointment, etc.

Length of Word console

The length of the word "console" is 7 letters. Also check more 7 letter words and 7 Letter words starting with c.

Word Games

Is console a Valid Scrabble Word?

Yes, console is a valid word that can be used in the game Scrabble. It is worth 9 points in Scrabble. Find more words using our Scrabble Word Finder.

Is console a Valid Word for Words with Friends?

Yes, console is a Valid word. Find more valid words using our Words With Friends Generator.

Is console a Valid Wordle Word?

Yes. console is not a Valid word for Wordle. Try our Wordle Word Finder

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