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  • The act of connecting.
  • The point at which two or more things are connected.
  • A feeling of understanding and ease of communication between two or more people.
  • An established communications or transportation link.
  • A transfer from one transportation vehicle to another in scheduled transportation service
  • A kinship relationship between people.
  • An individual who is related to oneself, through either family or business.
  • A set of sets that contains the empty set, all one-element sets for any element that is included in any of the sets, and the union of any group of sets that are elements where the intersections of those sets is non-empty.
  • Coherence; lack of disjointedness
  • The description for a Methodist denomination as a whole, as opposed to its constituent churches, circuits, districts and conferences.
  • Sexual intercourse

Length of Word connection

The length of the word "connection" is 10 letters. Also check more 10 letter words and 10 Letter words starting with c.

Word Games

Is connection a Valid Scrabble Word?

Yes, connection is a valid word that can be used in the game Scrabble. It is worth 14 points in Scrabble. Find more words using our Scrabble Word Finder.

Is connection a Valid Word for Words with Friends?

Yes, connection is a Valid word. Find more valid words using our Words With Friends Generator.

Is connection a Valid Wordle Word?

Yes. connection is not a Valid word for Wordle. Try our Wordle Word Finder

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