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  • To give in trust; to put into charge or keeping; to entrust; to consign; used with to or formerly unto.
  • To put in charge of a jailer; to imprison.
  • To have (a person) enter an establishment, such as a hospital or asylum, as a patient.
  • To do (something bad); to perpetrate, as a crime, sin, or fault.
  • To join a contest; to match; followed by with.
  • To pledge or bind; to compromise, expose, or endanger by some decisive act or preliminary step. (Traditionally used only reflexively but now also without oneself etc.)
  • To make a set of changes permanent.
  • (Latinism) To confound.
  • To commit an offence; especially, to fornicate.
  • To be committed or perpetrated; to take place; to occur.

Length of Word committed

The length of the word "committed" is 9 letters. Also check more 9 letter words and 9 Letter words starting with c.

Word Games

Is committed a Valid Scrabble Word?

Yes, committed is a valid word that can be used in the game Scrabble. It is worth 16 points in Scrabble. Find more words using our Scrabble Word Finder.

Is committed a Valid Word for Words with Friends?

Yes, committed is a Valid word. Find more valid words using our Words With Friends Generator.

Is committed a Valid Wordle Word?

Yes. committed is not a Valid word for Wordle. Try our Wordle Word Finder

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