boon : Definition, Synonyms, Usage in Word Games & More



  • A prayer; petition.
  • That which is asked or granted as a benefit or favor; a gift or benefaction.
  • A good thing; a blessing or benefit; a thing to be thankful for.
  • An unpaid service due by a tenant to his lord.


  • Good; prosperous.
  • Kind; bountiful; benign.
  • (Now only in boon companion) gay; merry; jovial; convivial.


  • The woody portion of flax, separated from the fiber as refuse matter by retting, braking, and scutching.

Length of Word boon

The length of the word "boon" is 4 letters. Also check more 4 letter words and 4 Letter words starting with b.

Word Games

Is boon a Valid Scrabble Word?

Yes, boon is a valid word that can be used in the game Scrabble. It is worth 6 points in Scrabble. Find more words using our Scrabble Word Finder.

Is boon a Valid Word for Words with Friends?

Yes, boon is a Valid word. Find more valid words using our Words With Friends Generator.

Is boon a Valid Wordle Word?

Yes. boon is not a Valid word for Wordle. Try our Wordle Word Finder

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