Argentine Fish

Names of fish frequently caught and available in fish markets in Argentina. (Spanish → English, 20 entries)

  • abadejo - pink cusk-eel Genypterus blacodes
  • bagre amarillo - Gillbacker sea catfish, marine catfish Hexanematichthys parkeri
  • bagre de mar - marine catfish Tachysurus barbus
  • besugo - red porgy Sparus pagrus, or Pagrus sedecim
  • brótola - Brazilian codling Urophycis Brasiliensis
  • chernia - wreckfish Polyprion americanus
  • cornalito - silverside Odonthestes Incisa
  • corvina rubia - white croaker Micropogonias furnieri
  • gatuzo - narrownose smooth-hound Mustelus Schmitti
  • lenguado - flounder
  • merluza - hake
  • mero - sea bass Acanthistius Brasilianus
  • palometa pintada - butterfish Peprilus triacanthus
  • pejerrey - silver smelt Argentina silus
  • pescadilla - weakfish
  • pescadilla real - king weakfish Macrodon ancylodon
  • pez ángel - angel shark Squatina Argentina. Also euphemistically called \"pollo del mar\" (...
  • pez limón - yellowtail Seriola Lalandei
  • salmón blanco - sandperch Pseudopercis Semifasciata
  • trucha - trout Rainbow trout: trucha arco iris. Brown trout: trucha marrón.



Posted by Cynthia over 12 years ago

Some common fish in Argentine fish markets that we need to find the English for: brótola, bagre de mar, bagre amarillo, pescadilla.


Posted by Norman over 12 years ago


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